OmegaGroup Middle East FZE ...

was established to provide clients with a high-level of international business expertise and to act as an investment vehicle with market entry services.


Our team has worked on international technology transfer for over 10 years. As a former exclusive representative of Economic Zones World (Government of Dubai), Omega has gained significant insight and experience in assisting European companies to establish offices in the GCC region. We have assisted several mid-sized German companies, such as Fein, to establish their offices in the United Arab Emirates. Access and knowledge of local establishment procedures, as well as a qualified network of investors and customers has led to significant advantages for our clients and partners.

As a fully licensed market entry specialist, OmegaGroup Middle East works with experienced local partners to enable both in-house, as well as client investments in a number of territories. Our experience qualifies us for work on four continents, with a current project pipeline in eight countries. Technology transfer and investments in real estate and energy is pursued in cooperation with international partners. With a network that was built up over 25 years, we pride ourselves on a history of successful projects enabled through high-level business and government access.

Omega’s team is currently working with a German semi-governmental group to establish a joint venture for high-tech transfer with a governmental agency from the Middle East. The goal is to provide German laboratory and applied research know-how to the process of upgrading local facilities.

In addition to European technology, we also work on the Canadian technology angle via our joint venture with the Toronto based Commercium Group. In cooperation with Commercium, we focus on bringing Canadian and European high-tech solutions to the GCC. With an investment banking background, Commercium not only provides local access, but also supports clients with legal and financing services.

Companies looking to sell products in the GCC and MENA region often underestimate the amount of time it takes to develop contacts and relationships before doing business. Relationships are extremely important and often take years to develop. Given our in-house development and international procurement process, we have teams working on optimizing global acquisitions. This background also allows us to assist partners and clients in commodities trading. Market access is our specialty, with long-standing customer relationships and know-how that will help our clients achieve their goals.

The know-how and network pooled within the market entry and trading team enable Omega to offer clients and partners a unique service spectrum. Across industries Omega is providing access to local experts, distributors and investors. In 2016, Omega expanded its international activities particularly in the areas of medical equipment trading, medical billing services, and has signed exclusive agreements to introduce high-quality German generics into several growth markets. Med-tech exporting has traditionally been the business of large equipment producers and multinationals. Omega has identified commercial niche opportunities with smaller innovation companies, whereas we analyze technology advancements within one country and categorize local need in another. We target SMEs without established international networks and link them to our local partners.

Sales and growth in emerging markets are predicted to outpace sales and growth numbers in more established markets. Contact us to see how we can help your company increase sales and gain market share in a new and growing marketplace.